Can Wii Be A Primary Gaming System? writes:

"The Wii has been an astounding success. With 50 million units sold in just two and a half years, it's become the fastest-selling console of all time. Everybody loves the Wii, it seems.

Ask someone who plays games for at least 10-15 hours per week, though, and you'll likely get a very different response. "Just because McDonald's sells a gazillion burgers a year doesn't make it good food," the naysayers analogize. So how come Wii lacks gamer street-cred?"

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TheHater3786d ago

The Wii for me personally will never be a primary gaming device in my house. Hell it isn't second, third or fourth. I would have to say it comes fifth because my Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP and PC comes first.

MegaPowa3786d ago

You dare put psp in front of wii? the hell is wrong with you man

TheHater3786d ago

I don't know. Something call personal preference? Ever heard of it?

MegaPowa3786d ago

Yea ive heard of it just saying its weird to even have a wii if your gonna pit it at 5th place and behind a psp(garbage handheld in my opinion)

TheHater3786d ago

You may think it garbage but other such as myself don't. I enjoying playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on my psp along with older Playstation 1, NES, SNES, Genesis and other consoles of the past games on my PSP. Yes I did hack my PSP.

nerubii3786d ago

its obvious hes more of a graphics-oriented person. yup.. oriental.

JsonHenry3786d ago

I have not hooked up my Wii in over a year now. It has been sitting in a box in the attic. LITERALLY. I guess I should sell it while it is still worth something.

BLuKhaos3786d ago

its obvious you're more of a grimmicks-oriented person. yup.. oriental.

badz1493786d ago

"Everybody loves the Wii"

As for me, I would really love myself to be excluded from that "Everybody"! but seriously, Wii becoming the primary console? come on, it's true that Ninty is making buck loads of cash from it and there are lots of devs putting games even the utmost crap on that machine for lucky cash-in, but being a primary over PC, PS3 & 360? give me a break!

ps: PSP especially the hacked one are way better than Wii!

nycredude3785d ago

Dude megapowa has no clue! PSP is teh best handheld you can buy!

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Xander-RKoS3786d ago

For me and a lot of other people I know personally, it is their primary console. Either for personal tastes or money reasons.

madpuppy3786d ago

as long as you don't expect much from it.
but, then again, there are people out there that are happy playing freecell.

N4g_null3785d ago

"So how come Wii lacks gamer street-cred?" So when did the internet represent all of the hardcore? We all know the HD guys are online but really not all hardcore gamers come online to argue at your favorite sites about games. The internet actually represents a small part of the gaming populace it seems.

It even shows on shows like G4tv where out of all of these blogs you only get a small group of people on there shows. I must applaud the HD gaming media they have done a great job at making people believe the hardcore are worth 20+ million for each sequel with less replay in there games due to silly easy skill levels.

Even in the SONY and xbox only news the most post will be around 400+ where is the millions of hardcore gamers? Are they turned away? Why are these games only avg like 1-2 million in sales when you have 20 million hardcore games saturating your console? What is going on here?

It's funny though people swear the HD console will welcome any AAA game on their system and this is not the case. These gamers may be hard core but why are certain games just not selling?

Seriously don't be mad at the Wii just yet it has not started truly stealing your games yet, but in a few months things may change. The recession is getting worst.

icup23786d ago

I got a great PC and a ps3 that's is all i need.

Bathyj3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Sure it can.

If you dont like Halo, Gears, Killzone, God of War, GT5, Forza, Resistance, Ratchet, Ninja Gaiden, LBP, Fable, GRAW, RB6, DMC, RE5, CoD4, CoD5, Pixel Junk, Braid, Motorstorm, Flower, Infamous, etc, etc, etc, then its just peachy.

But if you like shovelware, hey forggedaboutit !

Dont just disagree, tell me why.
How can you call yourself a gamer and miss out on all those games I listed?
Wii is Nintendos worst console ever, and I dont say that to take a swipe at Nintendo. I'm simply stating that NES, SNES, N64 and Gamcube were ALL better consoles than Wii, and while were on it, so are XB360, XB, PS1, PS2, PS3, Megadrive, and Atari 2600. Even the Dreamcast, a console that actually died, which doesn't happen often, was a better console than Wii. Well, for gamers at least.

Seferoth753786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Well since you had to name off games from two different consoles just to make one look bad shows you are pretty desperate and grasping at straws.
I can play most of those games on the PC and not have to own a PS3 or 360. Add in the library offered by the Wii and the PC/Wii combo pretty much blows away the PS3/360 library since 80% of the games on one system will be on the other.

Oh and the last COD was on the Wii. That would be COD5 even though it was called World at War.

Bathyj3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Obviously my edit isn't aimed at you, since you did reply while I was typing it.

And I'm not grasping at straws, I'm pointing out how many good games you'd be missing if you only had Wii. No self repecting gamer would want to miss all those titles.

Oh, and my mistake, they got the latest, and absolutely worst version of CoD:WOW. Good for them. I suppose its alright if you dont know any better.

I say that merely because, unlike all the waffle about a pixel here and a smoke cloud there between the PS and XB versions, when you stack a Wii version of a game against a Next Gen machine there actually is a big difference, not a minute, almost imperceivable one.

I know you think I'm just hating, but the truth is I'm just disappointed in Nintendo this Gen. I grew up on them like everyone else, and their output has always been slow, but this gen they simply dont offer me as a gamer much to get excited about, and when a good game does finally surface, I'm so blase' on the console I have no interest in investing money on that particular library, when M$ or Sony deserve it more.

If Nintendo want the Soccer mums and Grandparents, then fine, just dont blame me because I'm not one.

MegaPowa3786d ago

I dont need to really give a reason on why i disagreed because its obvious your just a fanboy and its pointless to fight your kind

PS3Freak3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

All he is doing is speaking the truth. The wii has about 5 good games. I have owned a Ps3 and a Wii for the same amount of time(since april of 07). Over that time i have owned about 30 Ps3 games. I have currently only ever had 5 wii games.... 5!!!!! That is all.

I loved my NES,SNES,and 64 but the wii is just so lackluster in its efforts to release good quality games. It's gotten to the point where a cool looking game comes out like Madworld and i don't even want to try it because i am just so turned off by the wii.

If you are wondering what games they are: Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Galaxy, Boom Blox and Re4. I played through Zelda when i borrowed it from a friend, and just about everything else but Metroid Prime 3 is crap.

Bathyj3786d ago

MegaPowa, you are so wrong. You wont come up with a reason because you cant think of a decent argument. I will listen to anyone who makes a good point. I dont have to agree, but I'll at least give the curtesy or taking it in.

Have I come out all, PS3 OWNZ, WII SUX? No.

I'm just commenting on the state of the Wii and its games, as I see it.

I bet if you asked 1000 GAMERS, not non gamers, if they could have only one console this gen and no others, then at least 90% would say PS3 or XB360. Hell, I dont even think 10% would say Wii. Not if they were truthful. As a second machine, yeah, but not if you could have only one.

Look at that list of games I said. Would you really give them up for one, maybe two gems a year Nintendo squeezes out? If you said Yes, then you're the fanboy mate, not me.

MegaPowa3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Who let you decide what core games are? to me core games are the classic games Ive been playing for years on the classic Nintendo systems that helped shaped up games we play today.the wii has a lot of those games as vc downloads or remakes of certain classics which is hardcore to me :/ but that's my opinion

edit:its not only 2 games a year dingbag the release many more games that most people consider hardcore a year and even 3rd party devs release some non shovelware games for the wii and theyre many great games to come out for the wii soon.

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raztad3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

It could be, but then you are limited to very few games and the casual BS. To me, the Wii is not even a second console option, I dont like Nintendo games or what the Wii offers. Suppose xbox360 and Wii are the only "current-gen" console available, I'd get the xbox360 and a ps2.

DQ is the only game that could make me consider to purchase a Wii, and even then I'd wait for a price drop not matter how long it takes.