New Call of Duty 2 Map Pack

Via a personal blog, an Infinity Ward spokesperson has revealed that five new maps for Call of Duty 2 will purportedly be available on the Marketplace this coming Thursday 29 June.

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WarEagle135810d ago

this is awesome news if its true. the last 4 were really cool. anyone have their favorites? top 3.... 1. toujane, tunisia. 2. vossenack, germany 3. kalach, russia.

Moostache5810d ago

I chose Far Cry Instincts : Predator. I have no regrets because although in the minority by far, I enjoyed FC more than COD2 when I had them on rentals.

I was going to wait for COD3 this fall, but I am very impressed Infinity Ward keeps supporting this title with new maps. Good to see a developer really taking advantage of the XBL functionality and bringing more content out for this game again...

USMChardcharger5810d ago

you have to get call of duty 2. fun fun fun multiplayer.

JPomper5810d ago

Watch me b!tch about it costing 800 points. Ready?


USMChardcharger5810d ago

this game has a freakn lot of multiplayer maps.

what, is this like 30 something maps now!

Moostache5810d ago

I knew that COD2 had a ton of maps, but is it like BF2 where everyone and their freaking brother wants to play on like 4 of the total available? (BTF, Backstab, Deadly Pass and Frost Bite get played waaaay to much unless you get into a game that doesn't allow voting on the next map....)

Asylumchild5810d ago

its not going to be 800 its going to be 1200 lol Its worth it if you play the game a lot

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