Destructoid: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Preview

Did you know what Raven Software was already working on a Wolverine game before they were approached to produce a tie-in with the upcoming Origins movie? The team working on Wolverine are huge fans of the iconic X-Men character, and they had already set out to produce a game that truly captured the feeling of being everyone's favorite adamantium-enhanced mutant.

In this respect, Raven has definitely succeeded. One of the first things players learn to do is the "lunge." This ability does for Wolverine what web-swinging did for the more recent Spider-Man games, in that Raven has latched onto an unmistakable character trait and reproduced it flawlessly in an interactive medium. By simply selecting a target with the L button and lunging with the R button, Logan can cross huge distances, pouncing on his enemies and leaving them grounded to do with as he wishes.

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