Building a Better Achievement

As anyone who has ever tried to get all the achievement points in an Xbox 360 game can attest to, there will always be those two or three achievements that seem to take up the most time for the worst reasons. Collect a third of the COG tag in Gears of War, and you earn the "Time to Remember" achievement. Find every single flag in Assassin's Creed, and you earn the "Keeper of the Lions Passant" achievement. Visit all the graveyards in Two Worlds, and you earn the - wait for it - "Visited All Graveyards" achievement. An unfortunate majority of 360 games have at least a few of these lazy, needlessly completionist goals that require far more effort than their relatively small rewards warrant. They're the kind of goals that anti-achievement crusaders whine about and achievement apologists grit their teeth and tolerate against their better judgment. So how could developers improve them?

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