IGN: Comet Crash Review

Comet Crash's biggest draw is just that you can finally fight back. It's a much more significant addition than would be obvious at first glance, and the fact that both offense and defense can be juggled at once with minimal headaches speaks volumes about Pelfast's ability to strike a balance between the ebb and flow of combat and defense. It's even more admirable when you consider the whole game was made by just three people. The trio clearly did their homework, and the result is a tower defense game that has no analog on the PSN -- all the more reason to give it a shot.

Presentation - 7.5
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 8.5
Lasting Appeal - 7.5
Overall -

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krouse933790d ago

I should go pick this one up.

Sevir043790d ago

aweome stuff. quality hits the psn all the while

callahan093790d ago

Wow. Good score. I wasn't sold on this one, with Savage Moon and PixelJunk Monsters I figured there are enough tower defense games on the PSN. I guess I was wrong! It seems this does bring its own elements to the table and can coexist happily along side those other games. Maybe I'll pick it up when they inevitably put it on sale for 4.99 in the summer or fall.

Anon19743789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Savage Moon looked good, but my wife and I had a blast with Pixeljunk Monsters with the co-op and Savage Moon didn't have it.
This is a buy for me.