Official MAG Website Launches

GOONL!NE: "Sony has sent word that the official website for MAG is now online for your viewing pleasure. There isnt anything there, at least noticeable, to see but at the front page, you see a world map with a scroller. Point it towards the Russian border (we think, our geo, not good so) and it gets more orange, it even shows a screenshot or two, but we cant tell if their new or not, its a blink or you'll miss moment.

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us_army3784d ago

cannot wait until e3, im sure Sony will be showing off this game

Unbiased13784d ago

From what i can read on playstation forum, this game is supposed to be subscription based, you pay to play.
In that case, it is NEXT for me! No way i am gonna pay.
Why would i want to do that when i will be able to play Modern Warfare 2 for free?
Better Sony does not mess this one up.

Fishy Fingers3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I find that extremely unlikely. Pay 2 play that is.

Chubear3784d ago

Russia (Urban), Alaska (Snow) and Panama (Jungle)? Interesting.

MAR-TYR-DOM3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

nothing is free in this world, btw is m$ and nintendo even comming to e3?
I mean with ALL the sh1t sony has to show
Team Ico game
Next MGS
Title Updates on Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 possibly
Heavy Rain
A few more exclusives
Prrly Modern Warfare 2 will be part of their press conference since the ps3 is the lead platform
PSP2!!!!!!!!! (Unconfirmed though)
Possible new software announcements for Ps3
and more (to lazy to expand)

...... when will there be time for the competitors?

morganfell3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Unbiased1 - you are biased by the way - you can take your fear filled stories from the Microsoft playbook and just leave. You are stating something that has zero, ZERO basis in fact. All of those made up stories about Home costing money were the rage when Home was first discussed as well.

I believe it is time for you to pay your yearly fees for Xbox Live. In any event it is certainly time for you to leave. One more person for the ignore list that could have been on the Sony bandwagon and now will instead wind up under the wheels.

terrandragon3784d ago

Not really Russia...more Middle-East.

GameGambits3783d ago

If it was pay to play for 5 dollars a month so you could have dedicated servers then I would pay the fee. Why? How much of the times you think or scream, "WTF," on games like COD, Gears of War, etc is due to lag? Or you KNOW you shot a guy point blank but the shot doesn't register just because he is host and has that slight advantage to be a split second ahead of you so that you shot where he was not where he is now.

If Gears of War 2 was an extra 5 bucks a month to have dedicated servers I'd play that game NON STOP. It's only the problems associated with hosting, lag, standby, etc that completely ruins that game now. It happens so often that online really is unplayable if you want to have fun. I was 500 in the world in 3 different game types in Gears of War 2, but finally quit the game after a month of playing just because I was always getting mad at the amount of BS that goes down.

If game developers start going down the road of charging us for dedicated servers I won't complain. They have to put money out of their pocket to make it happen and so they need compensation to keep them up and running.

If it was 5 a month for no reason, then I would pass on the game. However if MW2 comes out and it's not dedicated servers I won't give the game more than a rent for single player experience only.

Dedicated servers = high speed internet. Host games = dial up. How many of you want to go back to dial up now that high speed exists?

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Johnny Cullen3784d ago

I have to say, Zipper are doing something bold right now, a 256 multiplayer game where you could argue its a semi MMO at the same time.

Do I think it will work. My first thoughts after E3: no. Now... still no but I am a bit more convinced on it, especially after seeing the screens.

I do hope Zipper prove me wrong though.

Unbiased13784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Basically it is MMO, since you will be forced to play if you want to play.

It seems that is one of Sonys new strategies.
This, the agency, DC universe, pay to play, nice Sony.

mugoldeneagle033784d ago

Has there been any official announcement regarding paying to play on any of those titles you listed?

Because all I've heard of were surveys, nothing more..

Unbiased13784d ago

Go follow the link, that seems to be the strategy, it is most likely to happen.
Besides why not let our voice be heard now than to wait and when it happens than to cry.
I am letting Sony know, now that i am not going to pay montly fee to play game, no matter how good it is.

mugoldeneagle033784d ago

Nothing more. It doesn't even have a tie in to the survey that I was talking about (which there are others in the M.A.G. board).

As for paying, I just don't think Sony will, and if they do, it means they know for a fact M.A.G. is a game that will deliver. With the backlash and criticism they took after the PS3 launched, I doubt they'd release a pay-to-play title that wouldn't live up to the hype, especially when a free PSN is one of their main selling points.

DNAgent3784d ago

The Agency is already confirmed to NOT be pay to play (and DC Universe is undecided but Sony is looking to do the same as The Agency). The Agency will not have an online fee to play and they will have certain items in which you do pay for but those are optional (premium items).

I also highly doubt MAG will be a pay to play game (especially since your other sources are wrong, not to mention you got this information from a forum).

whoelse3784d ago

Do you really expect a Massive Multiplayer Game to be free to play? I mean it's 256 multiplayer!!!

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mugoldeneagle033784d ago

Seems as if Sony's starting to slowly reveal more info leading up to E3. Hopefully we'll more on this, and others, before hand.

Anyone know the exact date of Sony's PlayStation Day? May sometime?

Johnny Cullen3784d ago

TBH mate, dont hold out for an appearence at PS Day, you'll be more inclined to think it'll be shown at E3.

Unbiased13784d ago

May probably, someone said before it was in May.

remanutd553784d ago

guys im able to see just 1 picture but i cant see see the other 2 ?? how can i watch them all??

PhilipLarkin3784d ago

A screenshot I took of the Alaska picture. It's of an old screenshot release a while back. The picture that flashes us in Russia is the same too.

Unbiased13784d ago

Yeah those are from leaked screens we saw few days ago.

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