Battlefield Heroes Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "There's a level of craft, quality, and depth that appears to be going into Battlefield Heroes that surpasses pretty much anything currently available on the "for free" market. Additionally, getting into a game will be incredibly easy, as all players will be required to do is press the Play Now button on the game's official website (once the game launches). Obviously, EA and DICE will have to pay the bills somehow, but the additional priced content is meant to add depth and personality to a player's experience, rather than give them an edge over free subscribers. Will the model work? We sure hope, because Battlefield Heroes is looking really good."

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Outpostgamez3790d ago

BFHeroes is an awesome game, if you have a chance to play it i suggest you do if you have an beta key or are able to get an beta key.