Chinatown Wars is a poor man's GTA IV

Globe and Mail columnist says Rockstar's handheld gangster game captures the basic design but not the spirit of its console-based siblings. From the story:

"...Chinatown Wars does indeed retain the series' terrific writing. The game's characters are vibrant, full of clever comebacks, and easy to sympathize with despite their villainous tendencies. Plus, Rockstar managed to cram in scores of missions and side quests, resulting in a game that completionists could spend more than 20 hours playing. And, as in all GTA games, we are provided a massive, sandbox-style environment that we can freely roam in cars and on foot, causing as much or as little havoc as we like along the way.

But these aren't really the elements that have made the modern GTA games such immersive and memorable experiences-at least not for me.

In my case, GTA has become more about the wonderfully authentic worlds I explore...."

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Iceman1003790d ago

yeah right i have gta IV and that game is poor quality all around, and the ps2 version were wayy better than that crap could ever hope to be. The ds version is actually a fresh breath of air by adding new things to that game, because the series is a bit stale now.