New Wii Games Have Control Issues

Are you a pro at Wii Sports bowling? Polish off Legend of Zelda last weekend? Need some new games for your Wii?

2007 has brought us a few more titles for Nintendo's hot new game system, and some of them have a little fun buried deep within them. Unfortunately, to get to it, you've got to dig through layer upon layer of clumsy, awkward use of the system's motion-sensing controls.

Is it worth the struggle? That depends on how badly you need to be entertained.

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emptiness4761d ago

this guy must have some serious issues in standing on two feet or moving each arm independently. he writes like he has no hand eye coordination. the title of his article is very misleading. it leads the reader to believe nintendo's wii motion controls aren't working properly when in fact it's the dumbass user (him) who can't work the controls correctly.

sure, sonic was an easy play but i had no problem with the controls.

ssx blur was difficult to master but fun when i got used to it.

wii play is just a party game, anyone can work the controls correctly.

i don't understand the purpose of this idiots article unless its to tell us that he has no hand eye coordination. the point is that these new controls are new and for people (mainly gamers) who sit on their ass everyday smashing buttons, it will be a challenge. if this guy was old enough to remember the NES when it came out he'd remember that people would move their arms around trying to control mario onscreen. if he remembered this, he'd realize how fun and intuitive the wii controls are instead of bashing them for his lack of coordination.

ChickeyCantor4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

i bet he cant even hold the controller correct.

and your last part, well when some non gamers play mario-KART they do the same thing....

anthonsh4761d ago

PS3/XBox360 Controls Broken!

I slid out of a turn in some driving game therefor its everyone elses fault!

The controls are perfect. There is a reason why Nintendo is the first to do this. This type of controller is darn hard to get perfect, and even when you do, people "twitch" while playing, and think its the game thats messing up.

I own both Sonic and SSX. The controls are great. There are little things you have to learn, but learning them is no different from learning them in a regular game.

For instance: If you move the remote too far to one side, Sonic will start breaking so he can make a more drastic turn. It is not a problem with the controls, its your fault. Problems like this go away later in the game, because as you unlock abilities, the controls get better! In MANY ways too: breaking becomes more pronounced, sliding is less like breaking, "things just feel better" - (QRay Commercial).

Honestly, comparing this game to something like Grand Turismo, GT is the one that should be getting reviews of "broken controls". This isnt HARD. Sometimes I wonder if a few of the reviewers have mirrored coffee tables or something. If your controls arent glassy smooth, you're too far away, or there is an object between you and the screen, FIGURE IT OUT! Dont give up immediately and assume the system is broken.