Nintendo DSi UMD Compatible

Kombo Writes: "During the DSi launch event in California, IGN was able to discover that the DSi has the ability to play UMD. Does the DSi have any other hidden mysteries?"

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GWAVE3783d ago

Here's the funny thing: in 3 to 6 months, the DSi probably WILL play UMDs (or some of the low-end ones) through emulation.

I don't care what Nintendo says about the DSi having better protection against piracy. With built-in memory AND an SD slot, that DSi is going to get hacked in the blink of an eye.

SpoonyRedMage3783d ago

Apparently it's already been hacked and there's some new carts out there.

Marceles3783d ago

It's already hacked with the Acekard 2i card :P

gamesmaster3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

hah, gotta love those nintendo promotions people, they dont have a clue about games or consoles they're just in it for the easy pay. two tried getting me to play guitar hero DS on the hight street. no thanks..

BRG90003783d ago

It's working for them though. At least in America, their main audience is not the type to pirate games. Nintendo is still printing money, and sacrificing security for accessibility really might be the best call for them.

SpoonyRedMage3783d ago

You're right, most people won't be interested anyway and it's been suggested before that Nintendo is actually aware of the piracy and isn't too fussed about it which could be true. I do doubt it though.

barom3783d ago

Nintendo has actually been somewhat aggressive. They raided the R4 people I believe (at the time they had the most popular cartridge hack or whatever you call them).

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soxfan20053783d ago

The DS is N64-era technology, the PSP is PS2-era technology. They are miles apart as far as technological capabilities are concerned. I find it nearly impossible to believe that the DS could handle a PSP game, even through the best emulation.

ExcelKnight3783d ago

The article's a joke. Watch the video instead of reading the headline.

kwicksandz3783d ago

The DSI has improved internals to the orginal DS models so it is closer in power to a PSP.

thedarkvault3782d ago

Even if they have that extra power now it's not like they are going to make games that actually need the power of the new DSi and leave DS and DS lite owners in the dark.

krouse933783d ago

Lol it really can't it's Hilarious though the IGN Dude tricked her. He's like where does the UMD disc go and she said on the side. But she meant the SD card lol.

TheMART3783d ago

Forget the DS playing PSP games through emulation...

Hardware needs to be what, at least 10 x as powerfull as the stuff it emulates.

DS is like 100 x weaker then the PSP


Nintendo sells last gen shiat to customers for a full price. DS check. Wii check. Nintendo suck donkey balls since the N64.

nikola9873783d ago

If your comment is true than why psp can't emulate ds games?

Cheeseknight283783d ago

But guess which company is winning this generation...

That's right, Nintendo! The only business here that actually acts like a BUSINESS and tries to maximize profits.

You can spin sales figures all you want, but Nintendo is the winner this generation. Period.

felidae3783d ago

the DS has tons of great games. it doesn't need to play some poor PSP games.


- The Corrupt -3783d ago

Er... No touch screen and no second screen might have something to do with that. :S

TheMART3783d ago

@ Cheeseknight

Yes, highest sales. Why? Because they sell to the dumb masses that aren't real gamers. They eat any shiatware made for the Wii/DS. They buy the last last gen hardware because it has a gimick control (touch screen or Wiimote).

@ idontcare

God of War: Chain of Olympus
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Whipeout Pure
Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Ridge Racer
Syphon Filter
Loco Roco

All great games, scoring 8.5 and up


Resistance Retribution, LittleBigPlanet portable, Motorstorm and more coming up.

I don't want graphics that hurt my eyes as the DS has, I want that PS2 graphics on a portable screen.

Cheeseknight283783d ago

You don't understand how a business works. If someone made a business that specialized in wadded up balls of paper and people bought it, why would they change that?

Nintendo is winning this generation, and will continue to do so using the cheapest means. If you don't like it, that's too bad. They probably don't care either, it's their business that is, for the most part, recession-proof. Meanwhile Sony and Microsoft can claw away at each other for "dominance" while someone else has already clearly dominated them.

TheMART3783d ago

I know exactly how business works:

The majority of consumers are morons and buy stuff like the Wii for its Wiimote gimmick, while they just got a supercharged Gamecube in a new package. If Nintendo brought a GameMote the experience would have been the same.

But Nintendo producing crap and people eating that, doesn't mean its the best dinner there is it?

The mass of people that buys their crap aren't gamers, don't know whats quality and go for the quick fix, untill the Wii is there again catching dust.

DS does pretty allright with kids I guess.

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sleewok3783d ago

How many blonds does it take to put a UMD in a DSi?

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