Rumor Reporter's Long List of Games

Rumor Reporter was just given a lengthy list of upcoming games for the Wii, PS3, 360, PSP, and DS at a corporate meeting for a major rental chain. This list is certainly something to look at, especially since not all of these games have been announced.

PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4 11/1/07

Xbox 360: Halo Wars 11/1/07

Wii: Big Brain Academy 6/28/07

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Shadow Flare4766d ago

Halo Wars? I don't think so. Besides if anything, it will be Killzone 2 that sony will launch against Halo 3

Violater4766d ago

Heavenly sword isn't even there

GamerMan4766d ago

yeah right... I love the series followed it all my life.. reason I went to the playstation console brand and I can tell you right now.. no way no how is FFXIII going to hit the streets in it's full glory at the date listed ... and as above .. alot of other inaccuricies mentioned. It's neat to see lists but I will say most will always be inaccurate and need to take them with a grain of salt.

BlackIceJoe4766d ago

I hope Metal Gear Solid does not come out this year. I am looking for it in 08 over 07.

This for a big game like MGS that is to soon. There would not have been much time to get use to the PS3's Hardware.

gogators4766d ago

I could make up my own rumor list. I can't imagine FF 13 coming out soo soon after FF 12 was brought out by Square.