Scans of new Conduit screens from Gamepro Germany

NintendoDpad has scanned screenshots from Gamepro Germany showing melee attacks and a mysterious gas that has an important role in the game.

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Product3792d ago

I am thinking the gas will have the ablility to control people when inhaled.

MegaPowa3792d ago

The Gas would be a great element to online play and even a mode

addnewman3791d ago

because if it is its not gas, its just a screenshort taken shortly after shooting one of those fuel canisters that explode when shot that are in alot of places in this game as environmental kills

Product3791d ago

If you look at the second to last pic you will see red gas coming from the canisters. The Gamepro article also stats that the gas will have a part in the story.

Product3791d ago

here is the part which stats it(in german):
Zu Beginn des spiels kämpft ihr gegen terroriste, die ein merkwürdiges Gas in einem flughafen freigestzt haben.

Which loosely translates to:
in the beginning you will encounter terrorists who release a strange gas in the airport.

swiftshot933791d ago

that the gun and hand models are extremely freaking detailed for wii.

bob saget remix3791d ago

Ah, looks ok I suppose. Nothing too special.

Shoko3791d ago

Not to flame you, but do you have a life? Seriousl man, cause I see you commenting on every Conduit article, just hatin on the game. Go enjoy the games you like. All because a game doesn't interest you doesn't mean you have to flame it.

Product3791d ago

@ Shoko
Agreed, he gets his rocks off doing it though so he will continue this.

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