Devil May Cry 4 scan

Devil May Cry 4 was as expected featured in the latest Famitsu Weekly, and here is the first scan.

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kamakazi4764d ago

sure is a look at that scan.

BubblesDAVERAGE4764d ago

Downhill with no breaks every since DMC 1 it has sold less and less no wonder they went Multi plat.....I hope remembers this loyalty to there system

Rooted_Dust4764d ago

You must never have played DMC3 then, or are you one of those people who couldn't even make it past the first boss. DMC3 was amazing, but I am questioning their choice to abandon Dante as the main character. I hope to be plesantly surprised. I don't care that it's gone multiplatform, if anything I'll get to laugh at more people with no skill complain about it being too hard.

PS3 Owns All4764d ago

I'm glad its for both PS3 and X Box 360. Especially for PC! I can't wait!

BubblesDAVERAGE4764d ago

I was speaking as far as the story goes...the battle system has gotten better but the story just seems to be dragged....not saying it was bad just not AAA it was above average no doubt

calderra4764d ago

When DMC3 was Sony only, everyone there was ranting and raving how incredible it looked and how 360 couldn't pull it off.

Now, everyone faces the fact that this is not the best-looking game out there, it's just another in a long line of sequels, and that even if it does turn out to be a good game, there won't be anything earth-shattering about it.

Oh, wait, I bet as a twist, Dante's going to kill some guys. What do you wanna bet?