New Hitman game coming from IO Interactive

DarkZero: "The Hitman series may be in hiding for over three years now, with the 2007 film being the only time the franchise has chose to rear its head recently. However, due to a profile update by a LinkedIn member it seems both IO Interactive and Eidos are still slaving away on the franchise - albeit silently."

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jay23790d ago

I want this ASAP, and to see what's new.

Hellsvacancy3790d ago

Act Swiftly Awesome Packeteer

y0haN3789d ago

SWEET. I have the triple hit pack on PC and they are some seriously well-made games. Brilliant news!

Hellsvacancy3790d ago

A little bit of news regardin Hitman 5, u gotta understand im a MASSIVE Hitman fan so yeah im really happy


batman2million3790d ago

IO needs to pull out some thing good after making that Kane and Lynch crap.

Rich16313790d ago

I had a lot of fun with Blood Money, that was my first Hitman game. By the way, how terrible was the Hitman movie...YIKES IT WAS BAD!!!!

zdonit3789d ago

Some much unlike the game it hurt

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