OPM UK responds to Final Fantasy rumours

CVG write:

"The internet has gone into conspiracy theory overdrive over a missing page from the UK Official PlayStation Magazine's Final Fantasy XIII preview.

The last page of the huge preview, which we detailed earlier, is gone, but not because Square sent out its helicopters. Nothing that exciting. OPM has issued the below statement: "

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jay23787d ago

Er, surely you could have just edited the add?
Stupid editors, someone should be sacked, we shouldn't have to Email them, they should put it all online as of today so people who have the mag don't have to wait.

Jsynn73786d ago

It would've been nice to know what was going on with that last page. Right about now, SE needs to start putting out more info about not only FFXIII but Versus XIII. SE hasn't had a very stellar year when it comes to games. They need to get people's minds off of that and on something that actually has a chance of being a great success. Honestly, I don't think SE put their hearts in those other games. I think they just made games like Infinite Undiscovery and and Star Ocean for the 360 just to help out M$ in Japan which it did (for about 2 weeks. Hope it was worth it, SE). I'm sure their focus is really on the 2 FF games. Final Fantasy is the flagship franchise for SE. I just can't see them messing this up and, if they do, it's going to be a sad day in the world of gaming.