TGR Interviews Bioware's Mike Laidlaw about Dragon Age: Origins

The Game Reviews sit down with Dragon Age: Origins lead designer Mike Laidlaw to chat about the upcoming game, talking about topics such as the game's potentially generic vibe, toolset implementation and the creation of the Dragon Age universe.

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italianbreadman3790d ago

Cool. I'm looking forward to this game.

DK_Switch3790d ago

Why does everything Bioware works on have to look so damn awesome?

Curse you, Bioware! You'll be the bane of my productivity for years to come!

SirLarr3790d ago

There was a QA tester that had over 1,000 hours logged on the game already. If that's not life-destroying, I don't know what is.

cain1413790d ago

sounds like a fun job...

A HiFi3790d ago

Interesting interview, but I do believe Bioware are being rather conceited about the IP. They really need to slow down.

SirLarr3790d ago

I'd be conceited too if I spent six years constructing one.

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