TGR Dragon Age: Origins Eyes-On Preview

TGR brings you impressions of a demo presented at GDC 2009 by Bioware. Will this game be another stellar RPG or be forgotten as another generic fantasy adventure?

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NeverforgetNES3790d ago

This should be interesting.

SirLarr3790d ago

I'm certainly hoping it will be

italianbreadman3790d ago

Yeah, it seems like a great concept. I'm looking forward to it.

SlamVanderhuge3790d ago

Not usually into medievel stuff, but Bioware owns me

A HiFi3790d ago

Looking forward to this!

thegamereviews3790d ago

A great looking game for sure

DK_Switch3790d ago

Oooohhh ... pretty mood lighting.

Oh Bioware, you've done it again!

cain1413790d ago

I agree 100%...

I will buy everything they make until they finally let me down...

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