Very British Gamer: My Embarrassing Launch Event Stories

Sinan Kubba of The Game Reviews recounts a pair of launch-event experiences that he will undoubtedly not soon repeat.

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SirLarr3787d ago

Somehow I think your last message is moot:

"The moral of this week’s column is don’t go to launch events, and make sure you’ve got a girlfriend."

Generally the two are mutually exclusive already, ha!

A HiFi3787d ago

Amusing stuff. Especially the WoW nerds. I'm already thinking back to Role Models. =D I do remember reading about the whole HD-TV giveaway event + taxi ride in some sort of freesheet a couple of years back.

I have been to one launch event...that of the Xbox 360. I didn't even have one pre-ordered. All they had left were packages of Premiums with ten games. I considered it. Quite glad I didn't actually buy it though, as I got a better deal a few days later by F5'ing Game's website...

cain1413787d ago

Most the launch stuff I've been to has been pretty much here is your game now go...

SlamVanderhuge3786d ago

Fantastic piece...both funny and relative to some of my past launch experiences...

y0haN3786d ago

The pic.. oh god.. hah.