Do AAA X360 Games Lack Originality? Part Two

There have been tons of great titles for the 360. TGR takes them out, sifts through them, and delivers the top 20 for the platform. This is Part II of the series...

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A HiFi3784d ago

Too many rhythm games in the top 20.

SirLarr3784d ago

There's no such thing as too many rhythm games.

A HiFi3784d ago

There is not. I love them. many of them need to feature in the top 20. How relevant is Rock Band after the license transfer for Rock Band 2?

cain1413784d ago

I'm not a fan of rythm games really anymore... I was hooked for a little but now I could care less

SlamVanderhuge3784d ago closet full of instruments has remained unopened in weeks

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bigjclassic3784d ago

its just that the vision is a quick payoff. Big companies pay alot of money to magazines and web sites just to advertise certain "AAA" games.

Look at the last 2 gens, the quality of those AAA games almost eclipse the quality of current AAA games. And the main reason mostly is because of this MS/Sony war for 2nd place. Almost anything now a days is a AAA game.

A HiFi3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I don't know if I'd agree about the quality getting worse though. You can't really compare them can you? I had a discussion with a friend about this:

If you say "Oh, the N64 is the best gaming console ever."

Surely you mean "Oh, the N64 is the gaming console I had the most fun with."

Many current gen AAA games are better than their predecessors. You may have had more fun with past games, but 'fun factor' and 'quality' are two different ball games.

Socomer 19793784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

but they never are really polished now are they?

xbox360 games have that old feeling. like its been there/done that.
kind of stale like old bread. sure there are a bunch of commercials and it comes in green wrapping but once you eat it and digest it you realize you was just hungry and you are a xbum.

Just playing around ! see you little punks later, im off work and im going home, ha ha Ps3 Reigns supreme !

A HiFi3784d ago

Surely you should be posting that in the open zone?