GamesAreEvil's Review of Fallout 3: The Pitt (360/PC)

GamesAreEvil writes, "At heart, much of Fallout 3 boils down to matters of economy. That's what's driving The Pitt, where rulers have resorted to slavery in order to power the city's vital industrial machinery. The big cheeses are unable, and unwilling, to fund the necessary research to determine why Pittsburg's residents are falling victim to a toxic, mutative and rather unpleasant disease. This condition results in transforming citizens into ghastly Trogs.

Which is why, after forking over 800 Microsoft Points, one escaped slave recruits you, the dashing, intrepid adventurer of D.C's Capital Wasteland, to infiltrate The Pitt: so that he and his enslaved brethren can wreck a bit of havoc on Ashur, the despotic warlord running the show. The game justifies it in two ways, first as the chance to do the right thing for good character or just end up with a fat reward and some tasty loot if you're playing someone more morally dubious. But, really, you're just playing it to soak up a bit more Fallout. Which is no bad thing...."

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CrAppleton3789d ago

It pisses me off that companies release stuff that isn't finished..

but now that things are working correctly I might get it..

killyourfm3789d ago

I dunno...It's certainly not a FAULT of Bethesda, but I got my fill of Fallout because I played the ever-loving crap out of it for 2 months straight.

CrAppleton3789d ago

Yeah.. I've still yet to finish Fallout 3.. so that might be going on my to do list before I get this

evadw3789d ago

I *still* haven't finished the main game.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually any good at games.

StephanieBBB3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

The main games ending sucks anyway. It's like they took a huge power drill and drilled a hole in the fallout franchise and then patched it up with a five year old's wet dream.

It's rly bad...

PS360WII3789d ago

This section was fun! "Ever wonder why you see so many slavers but not that many slaves?" I did often wonder and now I know they go to The Pitt.

Auto Ax is insane ^^ the laser shotgun is fun to use as well

Pootie Tang3789d ago

Hmmm, I'm still on the fence on this. 3-4 hours it says but I've read ppl doing it in 2 so as much as i like Fallout 3 I hate to encourage this type of expensive SHORT DLC

Eiffel3789d ago

Its $10...How the hell is that expensive?

Pootie Tang3789d ago

$10 for a cpl hours is expensive, if you keep paying $10 for a cpl hours then you set a precedent. $10 will now equal a cpl a hours of extra content, gamers should demand more IMO

Yea most ppl could wipe their [email protected] with $10 bills but it's the principle behind it. Everything from MS is going up, 2 games on live tomorrow -one is 1600 the other is 1200. Because ppl keep paying they keep testing the waters as to how high they can go, they did it with Braid and now all the premiums are 1600-----double what they used to be

So yea it's not the $10 it's what that $10 gets you---and what it should get you

Eiffel3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Okay..I'll try to make sense out of that horrible grammar.

Answer me this. What title DLC is 1200 and 1600?

Arcade titles stay in a range of 400($5)-800($10)-1200($15)-160 0($20).
Originals don't even exceed 1200 and they are full games. And at $15 that's a bargain. Developers can't help if most people rush through a titles DLC and go "WTF that was short?!?" DLC like this is meant to be played as a beginner that way your rank and stats are lower making it a much harder and challenging experience.
Braids price was at a high because the creator Jonathan Blow stated he would need high funds in order to design another title like Braid. Since his next project would require quite a lot of money. But of course its a persons choice to download it, not a mandatory decision.

Also FYI, Developers pick the price of their DLC not Microsoft.

Pootie Tang3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

The 2 new titles tomorrow are 1200 and 1600 for the arcade, Death tank a few weeks ago was 1600, the new recent Rtype was 1200 or 1600

No the developers don't pick the price MS does. As was the situation with Braid where the developer wanted to charge 800 -MS did not. The developer was very vocal about this

here's a more recent interview after Braid's success, not going to waste my time finding the initial ones. And yes after it's success he was happy for the extra $

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