Why Is There A Dead Space Trailer In Godfather II?

Godfather II includes a bonus trailer on the game disc but it's not for some upcoming EA game - it's for Dead Space, the survival horror game released last fall. Why put an old trailer on your game disc and bypass an opportunity to promote a new product? Well, there's a few reasons.

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GameOn3786d ago

Just played through this recently. Seriously good game but there are some plot holes that don't quite make sense.

If you haven't played it go out and get it now.

EvilCackle3786d ago

The plot's definitely the weak point, yeah. It's standard survival horror boilerplate - "oh no, where is everyone - wait, they're zombified, etc." Fun game though. I liked its control scheme better than RE5's.


i really loved the story, ok , the usual kind of on, no crew but strange monsters was kind of like hummmmmm.. ya

but i loved the twist at the end with the marker and the whole story of the church and all that.

i think over the story was very good. for the first in a very long time i was actually very upset by something that happened in the game, but it was only in my 3rd play through that i even realised what had happened.

sure its not the greatest story, but its much more of a story, then 99% of the so called " next gen " games we have had so far. it was my no one game of 2008, thats with out it having multiplayer and all the other stuff.

everything about it i loved from head to toe, can't wait for the next one.

CoxMulder3786d ago

Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting Shakespeare, but I found Dead Space to have one of the most intriguing plots in recent gaming.

What are these "plotholes" you speak of?

I'm just a sucker for the Sci-fi/Religion combo. Love the way religion is tied into the story.

Also love the way the animated movie Downfall works like an intro to the game, and helps you understand some subtle plot nuances later on in the game's story.. eg: relation between Dr.Kyne & this Alyssa he keeps refering to..

GameOn3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Well I really like the plot for the most part. The main thing that stood out was the military ship being over-run by 1 necromorph in like no time at all. I know its a sci-fi story but that part was hard to believe. That's all I can really remember, I think the rest was ok.

I went and watched the Dead Space movie and there was also some inconsistencies. In the film the necros' cant get too close to the marker but in the game they are un-affected.
The Ishimura also doesn't seem to be holding the huge piece of rock from popping the cork that i think it is holding at the end of the movie. That could have added some intrigue when you first see the Ishimura.

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felidae3786d ago

Bioshock and Dead Space .. the best games this gen

Jinxstar3786d ago

I would add LBP in there because of it's hugely innovative and new approach to gaming... Zelda and COD4 are very honorable mentions.

IaMs123786d ago

Just because its innovative doesnt mean its one of the best games this gen. On the contrary people think its fun, therefore it should be one of the best, innovation is just icing on the cake, and we all love the icing dont we.

Jinxstar3785d ago

I agree and disagree. Without innovation we'd still be playing pong and the more innovative the better things come from it... Thats all really. But yeah it is fun with insane replay so for me it's up there =D I can see why some may not like it as I do but thats cool.

hagggs5tow3786d ago

why not it is a very good game.

Aclay3786d ago

It's simple.... Dead Space didn't sell that well considering it was a multiplatform game and got plenty of good review scores. Putting a trailer in GodFather 2 is just another opporunity for EA to market a VERY good game and is one of the best Survival Horror games I've played this gen.

Dead Space definantly deserved better sales, than it got. I bought Dead Space when it first came out and enjoyed the game, but if EA wants Dead Space 2 to sell more, I guess they should find some way to implement multi-player, but for me personally, I don't need multiplayer in a game like Dead Space.

EvilCackle3786d ago

Meh, doesn't need multiplayer. I think sales would've been better had they simply not released it during the holiday season. That's just asking for trouble.


to be fare, dead space had a mountain to climb from the get go.

This is EA we are talking about, before dead space came out, everyone was writing the game off based on EA's rep.

Dead space was a shock for me. up till now i have always been one of those people that refuses to buy EA games because of the way they treat their IP's. Dead Space was a total supprise in the pure quality of the game.

but its a game sadley too many people missed. everyone i know on my friends list and everyone i get the chance to tell about it, trust me i do. it is one of the best games this gen by far. i liked it way more then gears 2 and resistance 2.

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