The Death of the App

PC Mag: "Watching one tech company being gobbled up by another day after day isn't much fun, but the nature of the business makes it inevitable. Get eaten or die seems to be the ironic situation. You had to know the end was near when IBM took a run at Sun, and Microsoft is supposedly interested in RIM. Dell, meanwhile is being pushed to buy Palm ASAP.

Let's look at this with some perspective. First of all, find a 1990 copy of PC Magazine and check the advertisements. There were companies competing for everything. Dozens of spreadsheet programs existed; dozens of word processors, too. As for computer makers, they were coming out of the woodwork. Since nobody really likes to compete when they don't have to, buying up the competition was easier-as long as nobody seemed to care. As a kid I always thought it was supposed to be illegal to do that, but I was misled."

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