Cell CPU Technology for Cutting-Edge Video Compression

Broadcast International is currently implementing the IBM® BladeCenter® QS20 "Cell Blade" in a test environment as a means to significantly improve performance and reduce costs associated with video compression, while delivering high quality video at low bandwidths.

As the first step in the new relationship, the two companies have established the Broadcast International-IBM Joint Development Center to collaborate with IBM engineers on integrating BI's patented CodecSys multi-codec encoding system on IBM's multi-core Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) based BladeCenter QS20.

BI currently uses up to 70 servers, from various manufacturers, operating on x86 architecture to run its CodecSys application in compressing video. Using IBM's Cell/B.E. BladeCenter QS20, BI hopes to consolidate the number of servers to just one rack of Cell Blades.

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neogeo4322d ago

If my basement had like 30 supercell computers Then I could run Crysis on the lowest settings!