First Look At Funcom's "The Secret World" (MMO Hub)

At this year's GDC, Funcom revealed some info about their upcoming MMORPG, The Secret World. The game will take place in a modern setting, and it will revolve around a conspiracy that has been around since the dawn of man. Funcom is calling the game a mix between X-Files and The Elder Scrolls, due to its open-ended TSE-like gameplay and its story/setting.

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Coyotegrey3791d ago

This is very unexpected, but very welcome.

ahnonamis3791d ago

I'm remaining hesitant until I see actual gameplay, but the ideas behind the game are making me want to play it more than any other recent MMO.

ThePimpOfSound3790d ago

I dig the screenshots, at least. Interested to see how Xbox 360 MMO gaming turns out.

ahnonamis3790d ago

Considering we're still waiting on AoC 360, it might be a while before you find out.

TheSmokingManX3790d ago

It might be sad to say this, but just comparing the game to The X-Files has caught my absolute attention and I'm now tremendously excited. I'd doing my best to reserve _some_ judgment for when we actually see gameplay, but I have my fingers crossed that it won't be a letdown.

ahnonamis3790d ago

At least you're picking a good relation to be drawn in by.

Neramaar3790d ago

Glad to see consoles getting a little more MMO love, it's about time. Here's hoping it makes the transition properly, console MMOs have tried and failed before, it would be nice to see one succeed.

italianbreadman3790d ago

Seems very cool. I'm interested.

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