GOW III devs: SPUs are faster than you think

The team behind God of War III, Sony Santa Monica, explain that the PlayStation 3's SPU processors are much faster than many developers think they are.

In their GDC '09 keynote, titled Practical SPU Programming in God of War III, Jim Tilander and Vassily Filippov of Sony Santa Monica detailed their use of the PlayStation 3's SPUs.

The Cell processor features one main processor, PPU, and 8 specialist processors, SPUs, one of which is turned off for optimisation reasons, with another used for the PlayStation 3's OS...

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theEnemy3788d ago

Naughty Dog vs Sony Santa Monica

On the pushing-the-PS3-farther contest. :D

ultimolu3788d ago

And they'll both kill my purse. x___x

Pleaaaaase, think of teh pursie. :<

Domenikos3788d ago

Dont forget GG... with KZ3 ;)

theEnemy3788d ago

Guerrilla Games already "pushed" the PS3's capabilities after Kojima's MGS4.

Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 will no doubt push it even more. :)

LoVeRSaMa3788d ago

They need to all make a big Key note and share snippets of code with examples between the PS3 developing world.

Imagine if all Developers knew how to code like the first party developers named...

Pixel_Addict3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

that game is God of War 3.

This is proof that 3rd party developers haven't been taking advantage of the PS3's strengths and Cell's 8 SPUs, in favor of a 'easy fix' game development that churn out mediocre results. Third party developers rather crap out another half-assed game, than take a little extra time to create something powerful and unique. That's why Sony has to step to the development plate at knock out a few home runs.

cereal_killa3788d ago

ultimolu "Pleaaaaase, think of teh pursie. :< "

They are thinking of your pursie they're thinking of how fast they can empty it with all these great games were bringing out this year.

ultimolu3788d ago

cereal killa...I knooooooooows.

Massive onslaught I say! :o

UltimateIdiot9113788d ago

My wallet will not die in vain. RIP Wallet

techie3788d ago

Yeah, feel sorry for you guys who have to buy games.

Sarcasm3787d ago

Honestly, I am happy to kick and brutalize my wallet for such quality games from such quality developers like ND, PD, Insomniac, GG, Sony Santa Monica, etc.

rambi803787d ago

For the rest of us its going to be FOOD vs Games

xabmol3787d ago

To actually buy all the great games that I want this year it will cost me over $700.

Top Ramen here I come!

ThanatosDMC3787d ago

Fine, i'll come out and say that i hate God of War... i may have both the first and the second... but i just played it just because. It's not that good compared to DMC1 or DMC3. There's absolutely no skill to the game unless you say timed jumping (moving platform if missed you die) or balancing around balance beams.

Prove me wrong... is there any skill needed for this game? For 90% of the enemies in the game you dont even need to dodge or do a different type of combo or weapon.

Also, visually from what i've seen so far from the last trailer... im not impressed. We never saw a closer look at Kratos' skin. Wonder how it compares to Nathan Drake. There just seems to be more enemies and yeah... lame.

The graphics for me is comparable to Assassin's Creed. Seriously prove me wrong. If no one does, and i get a lot of disagrees... i win.

rambi803787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

RAMEN and MOUNTAIN DEW - the food of champions (gamers)

maybe its time to sell that xbox 360.....

s8anicslayer3787d ago

it's only fitting since they both have the most experience with the ps3 hardware!

cmrbe3787d ago

I wish i get free games from people. For big games i normally buy 1 or 2 extra copies for my nephew or my younger brother but i never get a free game from anyone.

edgeofblade3787d ago

I love how after one game that would "turn the tide" is released and fails to do so, the next game in line is hyped at the new savior of the platform.

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Shane Kim3788d ago

bu bu bu 256mb raaaaaamz :'(

PirateThom3788d ago

Oh t3h noes. :(

We'll never have a game that looks as good as Killzone 2 or Uncharted...

snir14003788d ago

What that means?
That God of War 3 will be lock at 60 fps?

PotNoodle3788d ago

No, they already said they the game will run at 60fps for the most part during regular gameplay but will drop below that on the more intense sections of the game, but will never drop below 30fps.

Tarasque3788d ago

Well they should just lock it in at 30 or 35 and be done with it, cause i hate the eluded frame skipping or whatever you want to refer to it as. I can't stand playing a game with quick frame drops unless the have some way to iron it out with it being smooth drops that isn't noticeable.

Ju3787d ago

You know this is relative. It drops from 60 to 30 in the worst case! That is still more then most games run these days. You won't notice any drop if they really can guarantee 30+ fps, believe me. You start noticing this at around 29fps, and close to 30, but hardly above.

torreyjs3788d ago

another fanboy looking for hits on his site with his lame blog

Nineball21123788d ago

Man, defensive much?

As Shakespeare wrote: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

raztad3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )


hehehehehe You are pretty funny.

You should read the article before make such a comment. This comes from GDC, you know the place where DEVELOPERS gather and talk about tech. It's not a flame-bait article by any means. It's amazing how the cell can be used to do a lot of graphical stuff.

I expect a really technical masterpiece from Santa Monica Studios, that people have more than prove themselves with previous iterations of GoW on the ps2.

If Uncharted 2 uses 100% of PS3 power then GoW will be out of scale :D

bob saget remix3788d ago

I'm getting tired of FPS. After Chronicles of Riddick and mag. I'm done buying FPS games. Well I might buy Modern warefare 2.