MAG to offer "deeper" multiplayer than CoD

NowGamer: The PS3's upcoming online FPS MAG will offer a "deeper" multiplayer experience than the current king of online shooters Call of Duty Modern Warfare, according to developer Zipper Interactive.

"Call of Duty is a great franchise, and we expect them to continue to make great shooters," Zipper Interactive's Tony Iuppa told us.

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Spike473788d ago

Good thing is it won't be complete choas since it will be divided into squads with objectives and whatnot.

If they announce a release date for MAG I might skip SOCOM and wait for its release.

Domenikos3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

If a specialized multiplayer game is not "deeper" than a single + multi player game... we have a problem houston =(

Panthers3788d ago

If you are an old Socom player, then get Socom. I know MAG will disappoint if

a) Its respawn
b) Its FPS

But I guess we do not know enough yet. But if it is respawn then it will just be a frag fest. You wont care if you die because you will come right back...

locos853788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Why does it say that it's a FPS? 1st I doubt that, second it has not been announced what type of game it is. It might even be a RTS game, but I really doubt that.

Edit: @1.5 No, I haven't..... Just saw them. :( why another FPS?? now I will not pay any attention to this

bnaked3788d ago

Its a FPS, you hav'nt seen the screenshots?

va_bank3788d ago

But if these screenshots are real, I'll be disappointed. We have enough FPSs out there, I haven't seen a good TPS since MGS4 and Warhawk.

And how come no one has ever made a game where player can choose which perspective they want to play?

mugoldeneagle033788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

No one knows anything about whether or not it will play FPS or TPS. All we've seen are screenshots with a few of them in the FPS view. You gotta remember though in Socom I & II before you zoomed into your scope the camera went First Person.

I have full faith in Zipper but I do want more info. Hopefully before E3! June seems so far away..

mugoldeneagle033788d ago

I was thinking about that the other day, that maybe M.A.G will impliment both a FPS/TPS camera angle for the users choice, seeing how Zipper's been pretty hush about the screens, but I came to the conclusion that it would be completely one-sided.

True, maybe some people are just better in First Person, but players using Third Person will always have the advantage of being able to see out of their peripheral vision, let alone behind corners.

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tommy-cronin3788d ago

Thats a handful of a thing to say, COD4 is a massive game. We can only wait and see...

Socomer 19793788d ago

Just like i believed that resistance 2 is deeper than halo 3.
It is.

MysticStrummer3788d ago

CoD4 is one of the most mindless online games of this generation. It's a nice looking game, but mindless nonetheless. The depth of CoD4 comes from the Perks, but it's still a run and gun game with very little strategy involved. For me, it was fun until I hit the level cap and unlocked all the Perks. Prestige mode doesn't do anything for me, but I can see how others might like it.

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The story is too old to be commented.