UK rushes to read everyone's email

Fudzilla: "The UK has put into effect a European Union directive which mandates the archival of information regarding virtually all internet traffic for the next 12 months.

The data retention rules require the archival of all email traffic, records of VOIP telephone calls, and information about every visited by any computer user in the country. Even the smallest ISP has been ordered to collect and store the data. What is alarming is that while the data has been collected to fight "crime and terrorism" it will also be accessible by "hundreds of public bodies" to investigate whatever crimes they see fit. "

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PirateThom3784d ago

As someone who falls under this nonsense, I honestly hope the servers storing this info meet with an untimely death.

John HX3784d ago

I didn't think that proposition was that far along. Here in sweden there has been quite some talking about it, but it's till a far way off from implementation. 1984 is getting more realistic every day that passes.

We need to stop these laws right now. I encourage everyone to vote and make their voices heard in these issues.

Here, the EU elections will be held in a couple of months, and my vote is going to the swedish pirate party. Not for the copyright issues they are associated with, but for fighting intruisive and undemocratic laws like these while the traditional parties let them slip by.

FreestyleBarnacle3783d ago

I thought I had read a report in which it was said the Sweden was refusing to follow this law. As the legislation wasn't put through as a law and order issue not everyone had to agree to it but conversely not every member state had to follow it either.
I read another article recently which stated that the UK was second country in a table of amount of internet traffic going through it. This data can also be watched. It was in New Scientist either this week or the last if anyone is interested.

bigjclassic3783d ago

This is bad, I cant believe that this is going to go down. dont be surprised if the govt tried this type of crap with the USA. Also, ive seen the Obama Deception and it did touch on alot of things, and actually touches on this issue. Highy recommended, down with tyranny
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