Upcoming Thursday The First Footage of The 'Major Killzone 2' Announcement

PS3-Sense writes: "The last time GTTV Episode 207 was a true pleasure to watch, because we got the first teaser trailer of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time to see. Upcoming Thursday GTTV Episode 208 you can see and promises just as good or maybe better than the previous Episode be. We can see many games, but also many announcements."

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himdeel3790d ago

If it's not that then it's a patch for female soldiers.

locos853790d ago

I bet it's co-op since thats what everyone was crying about in their reviews.

Killjoy30003790d ago

Please be new map pack/weapon pack!!

And tpo be honest, I think every single game has been ruined by vehicles except Warhawk. Seriously, they're so cheap in every game. And for all the PC gamers out there, I'm not talking BF and all that. Just BFBC had rediculously cheap vehicles along with CoD:WaW.

Pennywise3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Maps and guns are the limit of the DLC hopefully. Vehicles could be good, but I can see the guy running over spawn points with donuts already.

^ I would be happy with new unlockables too!

FlameBaitGod3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Additions to the ranking system :)

squidyj3790d ago

No vehicles unless you're talking about vehicles on new maps, the current maps just don't work with vehicles.

Ghoul3790d ago

+ Co-op
+ Vehicles and maps
+ New Gamemode
+ Coversystem in multiplayer
+ More Trophies
= Heaven

Hellsvacancy3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Call me a pervert but i hav often wondered wot a female Helghast would look like

Ive got an idea wot she would look like but if i say id probably get slammed 4 bein insensitive (shes a celeb that died recently - she had no hair)

Edit. @Killjoy300 "had rediculously cheap vehicles" wot do u mean cheap vehicles are they supposed 2 look like they r made of gold or summin?

iHEARTboobs3790d ago

co-op would be nice. That would automatically give it more trophy's i would assume. As for vehicles, i can only see the mech possibly showing up and only in a couple maps unless they add new maps specifically for this vehicle. Whatever it is, i'm looking forward to it.

Kleptic3790d ago

my money is on vehicles...that is the only thing GG nearly confirmed that we 'will most likely see later on'...

co-op is a possibility too, but I don't see it happening before the vehicles...kind of sucks imo that vehicles are most likely first; but at least these idiot assault players will have something that they actually should be using a rocket against...

Trollimite3789d ago

why does every thing sony related get leaked so early?

between now and thursday we are going to hype it to hellnback.

and when it turns out to be a pacth we all call sony a fail.

i cant be the only one who sees this.

Insomnia_843789d ago

I hope is not vehicles, what I really want is a Mech in some of the maps(big maps), a party system, a couple of new maps, maybe more weapons, more Multiplayer modes(I want CTF), and the most important of all...split screen(skirmish offline) and Co~op(online/offline).

That's it for me!!!

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ELite_Ghost3789d ago

plz no vehicules, it will ruin the game... or maybe just cars.

Fishy Fingers3790d ago

Bring on the new maps. I'm just about ready for them :)

Oooh, dare I say co-op? Just putting it out there ;)

Hellsvacancy3790d ago

If it was a Co-op patch id let u all kick me in the nuts

LeGenDx3790d ago

i want co-op

so i dont have to do elite alone

rbanke3790d ago

Over sensationalism as usual, where in the source does it say 'major killzone 2'? Geoff Keighly simply says they have some KZ2 news, and this FORUM POSTER turns that into 'big announcement' then it is posted here with the focus on the forum post rather than the original info. People allways seem to wonder why everything is overhyped and blown out of proportion...this is how it starts.

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The story is too old to be commented.