Halo 2: 4.75m gamertags

If you were in any doubt about how much of Xbox Live's popularity is down to Bungie's legendary Halo 2, consider the following statistic: at the point of scrapping its old recording system recently, Bungie had logged 4.75 million gamertags, out of around six million Xbox Live subscribers.

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BIGBAER4763d ago

Halo 2's multiplayer game is near perfection. The numbers prove its popularity. To those who claim Halo 2 is a poor game, or mediocre at best it is time to admit that your personal views are not shared by the millions of Halo 2 players. Personal preference is just that; numbers and statistics portray facts.

Bring on Halo 3!

r10004763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )


Yes that is an impressive number... but think about... a new system was coming out a couple years ago and some people decided to buy, and thats good thing.. the people that bought that system became hard fans... this system needed "ONE" game to be able to compete with the other system at the moment...

So enter a FPS that is good... BUT THATS IT!!! it's just good. But the fans that bought that system all bought that game, loved it for no appearant reasons since it's just another FPS, with better graphics, a different story...

Sales were good blah blah,

So those fans hyped this game up till no end.. and it's still benefiting from the hype it's gotten till this day...even though it's sooooo overated. FPS are a dime a dozen and this one is no different.

Don't bash me.. I bought both Halo's, I had fun with it... but I can see past the hype.

thats all this franchise is... fan created hype monster that snowballed out of control

I know that 98% of the people on this board will disagree with me....

overrated4763d ago

well overrated out of proportion, i still say the TS franchise was the same if not better. But it has sold and is an alright game.

BIGBAER4763d ago

No, you are wrong. Yes, the game has been hyped, but no more than other top ranking IPs: MGS or FF for example. The truth is when the hype is stripped away what remains is a game that passes muster and rightfully earns the respect -- and love -- of its fans. Halo 2 is still one of the most played games on Xbox Live -- and with good reason.

Everyone has the right to like or dislike anything they encounter and experience. But, to call something 'garbage' or 'crap' solely on personal preference only reveals the ignorance of the claimant.

There are many very successful games, movies, and songs that I detest. I have full right to say that I don't like them, or even can't stand them, but I would be in error to state that they were 'junk.'

Some gamers may not like the Halo franchise; they may even hate it. But in the face of Halo's CONTINUED success, they would only show a high level of ignorance to disparage it.

To attribute Halo's success to mere hype is wrong. 'Hype' only lasts so long; substance however, prevails.

Skizelli4730d ago

I too disagree. When Halo was released, I HATED it. I thought it was a rip-off of other FPS games, like Doom. Fighting aliens was nothing new, but MC's suit looked like it was taken straight out of Doom. Then one day, my friend brought his Xbox over along with Halo and he, my brother and I played it. I had a blast. One thing led to another and I had groups of friends coming over to play along with more Xbox's, and we'd play 8 on 8 all night. Not only was it a blast playing it with linked Xbox's, but the campaign was pretty badass. I was sorry I ever judged it. People play Halo because it's fun, not because of the hype. It's not like Gears of War, my friend. GoW was great, but its appeal didn't last in my opinion. Not like Halo's (once again, my opinion, not a fact). So many people I know have bought into the GoW hype, only to stop playing it a few weeks later. If you don't like Halo, that's perfectly fine. But believe me when I say it's not hype that's driving its success. Many of its fans have had good times with it like mine. People even play the game professionally. Can't say that for GoW when it has random elements that don't make it worthy of a pro tournament.

Ps3Fanboy7774763d ago

Mabe I was into Unreal Tournament when that game hit or counterstrike etc but that game just never got to me and when it did after all the hype I just didnt see it...

specialguest4763d ago

This could be a hint of how many copies Halo 3 will sell.

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