Nintendo happy with DSi sales thus far

As has been mentioned, the DSi became the fourth fastest-selling system based on weekend sales. The handheld sold 92,000 units in just two days. Nintendo's Senior Product Manager James Honeywell has now reacted to the initial sales of the DSi.

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raztad3790d ago

Not to be negative but I dont think they are that happy.

DS and DSLite have sold a LOT, probably the market is already saturated.

resistance1003790d ago

How would they not be happy. A 3rd version of one console just became the 4th fastest selling console in History in the UK (behind the PS3,PSP and Wii)

bob saget remix3790d ago

They just care about money. Thats why the Wii has so much shovelware.

Nitrowolf23790d ago

of course they are happy, they just released it and the sales are doing well.