The PS3: Two Years On

NowGamer: The PS3 recently turned two in Europe, join us as we look back at the console's highs and lows.

The console battlefield is littered with arrogance, and for a time it looked to us as if the PS3 might suffer death by a haughtiness brought about by the ridiculous success of the PS2. With the previous generations being utterly dominated by the Sony brand, PlayStation, there has always been, and remains, a certain degree of complacency about the console market from Sony; the attitude that regardless of the market, the PlayStation brand can simply offer what's gone before and concentrate on what the Sony brand means to Sony...

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Socomer 19793790d ago

Thats all you need to know.

mint royale3790d ago

I want to know more!

That tells me nothing!

On topic:
The ps3 has done remarkably well considering sony's attempts to give it the worst start possible. It may not dominate like its predecessor but it is definately a viable platform with a loyal userbase which will ensure it will be continualy supported.

Maddens Raiders3790d ago

Sony consoles only get better with time.....

table3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

they are focusing on what gamers want. Constant upgrades to PSN and a huge line up of great games. The same cant be said for the other consoles and thats why I'll always game with SONY as long as i'm a gamer. Tht doesnt mean i won't game on the other consoles but Playstation just can't be beaten when it comes down to quality games.

Socomer 19793790d ago

sony is purposly having some fun this generation by giving gamers what they want... backwards.