Mythic Introduces RvR Quartermasters To WAR

Mythic has announced a new way to reward Warhammer Online players who take part in Realm vs Realm battles.

A Quartermaster system will be introduced to the game, allowing players to purchase items with tokens obtained from killing other player's characters. These tokens come in the form of medallions and crests and they will have different ranks depending on their origin, for example a Recruit's Medallion will be obtained from a Tier 1 kill, a Scout's Medallion for Tier 2 and so on.

Every kill has a good chance for a medallion to drop, Crests are awarded less frequently and from very specific events.

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Leord3786d ago

Very cool. They did need a better reward system!

Maticus3786d ago

Yeah it was pretty unfair before. Now you don't need to rely on others so much.

Leord3786d ago

The question is. Did the rip of WoW, or is it original enough? =)

Cogo3786d ago

I get quite sick and tired of people using the word "rip".

All developers borrow ideas from each other. It's a matter of whether or not they implement it well.

WoW is a mishmash of a LOT of stuff, where there is quite some influence from WAR in the first place...

Fyzzu3786d ago

That's a pretty cool idea. I find it interesting that they're using PvP as a way of offsetting the Public Quests though.

Leord3786d ago

Yes, it's definitely not revolutionising but it's cool that a player can spend ALL their time doing PvP and still lvl up.

Malfurion3786d ago

Rewarding players for skill rather than relying on luck is always a good idea.

Cogo3786d ago

Yes, I agree. Skill all the way.

The problem is that it's hard to do.

Maticus3786d ago

For a game that prides itself on it's RvR, the rewards weren't great before, but this is excellent!

This will really help to motivate more RvR action :)

Cogo3786d ago

On a principal level I think RvR sounds awesome, it's just hard to make it really immersive in this style of gameplay.

A "sandbox" world like EVE would likely be a lot more entertaining for WAR or WoW.

Malfurion3786d ago

This is a massive addition to warhammer, any idea when it's coming?

Leord3786d ago

Hehe, should really have been in the release version =)

Cogo3786d ago

I think you are asking a lot by saying that. Remember that WoW did NOT have any PvP rewards for a long time after launch. People tend to forget that.

Malfurion3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Haha, so should a lot of things, but people forget WoW launched with a fraction of the features it has now. It didn't even have PvP, only duals.

Games have come a long way but they got to start somewhere.

Edit: Lol Cogo, you beat me to it :P

Jenny3784d ago

I still think Warhammer is way better then WoW but the numbers do not seem to show it. I wonder if it is because Warhammer does not seem to be advertised as much as Warcraft.

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