Europe PS3 launch: All about XMB

The days of PlayStation being a dedicated slave to games are over. Indeed, PlayStation 3 is a function juggling powerhouse that, in addition to its gaming credentials, can do movies, music, photos, internet browsing and social networking. Of course, with all these new tricks comes the necessity for an extensive menu interface - something that has never been seen on a PlayStation console.

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Hipster4761d ago

Ya it's a powerhouse all right. The picture interface is great, the video interface is great, and the music interface is great. BUT i'm not about to copy all my music, pics and videos from my PC and drop them on my PS3... come on, give us access to our home networks via the XMB so we can view, watch, and listen to our files without having to change the way we currently store, organize, and maintain them!

tk4761d ago

Absolutely agree. Get the PS3 to browse online storage in home networks - don't want to make it a home server - not enough space for a Terrabyte storage device - and don't want it to be the server while playing games.

Although - if it is the device that will be feeding the HD TV, then I would like to add 500GB at least to it. Thankfully it is not limited to 20GB like some other dumb consoles out there that can not be expanded with a standard HD.

But I agree fully. Would like to see the home network and get music, videos, files etc from there. With a Linux distribution loaded that should be possible right now, but would rather have it as part of the XMB.