Resident Evil 5 - versus mode gameplay movies

Msxbox-World has posted some gameplay movies from Resident Evil 5 versus mode. Most notably the all against all Survivors mode.

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Tompkins3788d ago

Omg haha hahah omg that's funny.

No seriously, looks kinda...ummm...interesting.

GrieverSoul3788d ago

The sad part about this is that someone actually bought it!!!
Even worse in knowing it was already in the disc and that they only downloaded an activation key!

himdeel3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Either way looks fun but I'd rather not pay for it UNLESS I can snag a copy of the game for the low low ($25-$30) on ebay, which probably won't happen anytime soon or unless I get lucky.

I'd make sure to share it will 5 other people on my PSN flist if I ever do purchase this game and said activation key.

MetalProxy3788d ago

dude, I almost forgot I could share that download. Iam sure I could get a couple bucks from my friends, making it cheaper. :)

crystallakekiller3788d ago

i wont buy it....its simply a way to rob the fans of resident evil!pay for a key!!!!! NO WAY!

StephanieBBB3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

They already did that by re-releasing RE 4 with upgraded graphics and an African camo, OH SNAP!

Yeah you got fooled :)

TheRealSpy3788d ago


that's generally what a sequel is.

you familiar with the COD series? sept they don't even update the graphics.

and in the case of resistance...R2 was actually worse.

halo, gears of war, etc...

most sequels are slight improvements on their predecessor.
what you think bioshock will be? how about mass effect 2? fable 2?
ninja gaiden 2. man, i could go on forever.

Tompkins3788d ago

However, the whole business of this DLC seems clouded in the controversy of it costing money. I think this issue actually has detracted from the game itself.

Sty3788d ago

But [email protected] i can't pay for a mode that is in the game, i just can't, why isn't free? WHHHHYYYY?????

BaSeBaLlKiD7213788d ago

wow guys seriously, stop complaining on here. dont buy it if you dont like it. grow up

i bought it and its pretty fun

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