NowGamer: The Godfather II PS3 Review

NowGamer writes: "Ugly in every sense of the word. There's almost nothing remotely likeable about Godfather II, and it's glitchy and scruffy. One of the poorest EA games in a long time".

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TooTall193792d ago

It isn't the review that makes NowGames garbage. Look at the reviewer. He is an editor for 360 magazine. He only owns a xbox 360. Worst of all, they did a different review with a different reviewer for the 360 version, and added 2.1 points to the score. bullshit

iHEARTboobs3792d ago

Ouch! Luckily i'm looking forward to Mafia 2 and not this one. But I still find it hard to believe it's a 3.8 game.