The Conduit with new details about the multi-player modes

LusoGamer said: "One of the producers of High Voltage Software, producer of exclusive first person shooter on the Nintendo Wii, The Conduit, has decided to reveal new details of the multi-player of his title, one of the points at which the players of Nintendo's home console more eager".

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Product3784d ago

You didnt have to make this "rumors" , these multiplayer features have already been confirmed and are old news.HVS have already stated that the game will include deathmatch,team deathmatch, and ctf the real news about this story is what HVS says about friend codes.

These multiplayer features were confirmed back at Comic Con.

LusoGamer3784d ago

The Conduit has potential to be a great game.

Bnet3433784d ago

It does have potential to be a great game, but compared to what other shooters lol?

ChickeyCantor3784d ago

Its funny how you try to bash it, but im far more interested in this game than a game like "killzone'.

Yeah controls do wonders.

Rock Bottom3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Yeah controls do matter, that's why PC have and will always be the best environment for FPS games.

Not to say the Wii can't have good FPS games though, Metroid Prime 3 was damn awesome, but I'll wait for something bigger than thumbnail size images to get excited about The Conduit.

ChickeyCantor3783d ago

Mouse, better PPI precious, yes, more immersion? no.

Of course mouse will be "better" because of the more refined tracking tech.
But its, even though its subjective to many, not immersive as the Wii-mote is.

I rather -point than -drag my "weapon".

To each his own, i have played lots of FPS games with analog stick, but like you said : metroid prime 3 is awesome.

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bigjclassic3784d ago

it seems like this is taking too long to come out though. I hope that the servers hold up on launch weekend.

Bnet3433784d ago

LMAO! I wouldn't be too worried about that ...

phantomexe3784d ago

be real cool if you and a friend could hook up online for some co-op.Cool tho that online you can add and take away people from your friends list.

bob saget remix3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Edit: @ Megapowa. No the game itself looks generic. It just looks like your typical generic shooter. Which it most likely is.

MegaPowa3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

How does online features make it generic o-o...i'm getting sick of seeing your comments

-puts on ignore list-

SpoonyRedMage3784d ago

Kind of like Killzone 2?

Generic=!bad anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.