Evil Avatar: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

Evil Avatar writes: "The prospect of a Wanted videogame seems pretty bright. Whether a fan of the comic, movie or both the potential for a great action game is rather obvious. It was particularly pleasing then when GRIN revealed themselves to be working on a new tie-in and that they had decided to take their time over it. Mull it over. Really try to get things right. If these objectives were true and not just empty promises then I'm afraid the developers can only be disappointed in their achievement. On the other hand, if they were just interested in making some quick cash they have been entirely successful. Very, very quick cash."

The Good

* The QTE/slo-mo shooting sections are flashy fun.
* You get to control a guy dressed in 'The Killer' costume.

The Bad

* The controls are rubbish, the gun fights are dull and the nifty cover system tactically unnecessary.
* Bending bullets is as much fun as a nipple cripple.
* The locations suck.
* The various rewards like character skins and concept art offer zero incentive to replay the game.
* Visually uninteresting, boring to the ear and completely lacking in any exciting production.

The Ugly

* The list of 'The Bad' might seem long. This will be short. The length of the game is the worst factor in a long list of failures. Daylight robbery.

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DelbertGrady3792d ago

Totally agree. How IGN could give this piece of crap a 7.3/10 score is beyond me. Probably received a really big swag bag.