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So "The Place To Be" seems like your average gaming forum or discussion page. Didn't mother teach you that looks can be deceiving? This is where the GameStrata experience stretches outside of the computer. Apparently, there would be little point of a game-site without the gaming, eh?


Also Wanted to Add that some members are now playing for cash...thats right One Lucky gamer will win a gamestop giftcard for your own selection of game.they are playing KILLZONE this weekend for cash.SIGN UP TODAY

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BIGBIRD3243788d ago

This is another article created by users of GS if they love the site enough to give their free time, you may too

rabbler783788d ago

the gamenight feature is one of the best things to come out of the site, met my current "crew" on there.

ZoidbergPHD1263788d ago

Hopefully gets another approval hot streak. GameNights have become part of the driving force of GS.

XxD3CKZ12Xx3788d ago

Gamestrata = #1 Gaming Website In The World

XxD3CKZ12Xx3788d ago

Maybe we can get some GS users to give this an approval?

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The story is too old to be commented.