First Look at Assassin's Creed 2's Assassin Garb

Ubisoft's site for AC2 has some pretty next-gen da Vinci code type stuff going on. Enter the Animus and activate your webcam and you'll be treated to some glimpses of what to expect in AC2. For instance gamers can now sneak a peek at what looks to be the new assassin's renaissance inspired get-up.

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Vip3r3791d ago

I hope they do the community competitions again. I got a load of free stuff last time.

GameGambits3790d ago

Thank you for posting this and thanks for taking the time to do all that on their site.

The outfit looks awesome. A little more armor clad style is a good eye candy improvement. Smart choice to hide the front too so we can't see what the new ancestor will look like. I personally hope it's still just like Altair, but with a scar or two on the face. Nothing over the top with the scar, but subtle to add a little more fierceness to the character.

E3 will be great this year, because we can at the very least expect Ubisoft to show gameplay footage for this. Last year was Prince of Persia and this year will be Assassin's Creed. I'd be kind of glad if they go back and forth between the two year per year so we have a great Ubi game each year.(Although I wasn't a fan of the new Prince of Persia at all. Stopped after 2-3hours into it. I hope they can find the magic the other 3 had, as well as adding in scale for difficulty. When games are too easy for me I get bored fast.)

dericb113790d ago

I know I and get disagrees even if this is "MY Opinion" but here go.
I own AC 1 and never finished the game.

The game just didn't have a whole lot to do. I mean if they do one thing for the game I would say make a variety of quest/side quest to do. When I say variety I mean 10+. This would help each city not seem and/or look the same and make me just stop playing the game.

The Meerkat3790d ago

Next wednesday is Da Vincis birthday.
Will we get some screen shots?