Otherland MMO Website Launches

IncGamers reports that a new portal for the upcoming MMO, Otherland, which is based on the Tad Williams book series, has launched to allow gamers to check out development news, screenshots and more.

The game will be based on the universe laid out in the Otherland books, which follows a group of people as they try to escape a virtual reality world. The characters in the book experience old lands and new, realistic environments and bizarre ones. The game is said to bring all that to players.

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Leord3792d ago

I wonder if they can implement a level of immersion that's really beyond that of current MMO's. I could see it work theoretically, but sooo hard to do...

JsonHenry3792d ago

Anyone that actually read these books should be both excited as hell and kinda weirded out that there is an MMO being made of it.

I have read EVERYTHING that Tad Williams has ever done. The guy is an amazing story teller. Even if it does take him a long time in between books.

Maticus3792d ago

I read that series - it's absolutely amazing. I'd recommend it to anyone.

However, knowing the story, the fact there's an MMO based on it gives me chills.

Leord3792d ago

Don't worry, the books' story won't come true before Otherland 2 ;)

Fyzzu3792d ago

This thing looks really, really cool. Been following it with interest.

Maticus3792d ago

If they ever introduce Virtual Reality to the game, I'm outta there :O

Snoozer2823792d ago

Cheers for the news, will take a look.