Eskil Steenberg On Why LOVE Is All You Need

Phill Cameron @ Gamasutra: "Eskil Steenberg is the sole creator of LOVE, which is one of the few indie efforts on the broad range of MMOs currently in development - check out an X-Play/ video preview for a good idea of the game's engine in action.

It is almost entirely procedurally-generated, and features a very distinct art style and mood that has already set it apart. From what's been said of the game so far, it is almost entirely focused on the community rather than the individual, so expect to be building cities rather than harvesting loot from special monsters.

Talking with Eskil, I found out about the challenges of making such a massive game on your own, how much you have to rely on your community when you don't have a big publisher with bottomless pockets, and why procedurally generated content is the way forward."

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