SEGA confirms final box art cover for The Conduit

SEGA has confirmed the final box art for The Conduit, following its appearance on This past weekend, the cover art showed up along with the "T" (Teen) rating. The black cover art was a temporary cover, which may still be around on other retail websites. See a larger image of the final box art for The Conduit here.

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JonahNL3787d ago

Wow, one of the better boxarts out there! Nice!

ChickeyCantor3787d ago

Yep, i actually love it.
It has this oldschool touch to it, love it.

Bnet3433787d ago

Look better then the MGS4 and Killzone 2 boxarts ...

SinnedNogara3787d ago


Love the box art!! It is amazing.

Seferoth753787d ago

Not bad at all. Really doesnt matter whats on the box though. It is what is inside that counts. Hopefully it ends up being good.

Bnet3433787d ago

Actually it does matter. A boxart can lead to a picking up the game and buying it. It has to catch their eye.

Seferoth753786d ago

Ok then Kigmal since the box art matters so SO much name off any damn game ever made that got a 10 rating based off box art? yeah you cant so box art doesnt matter. Are you telling me you'll buy this regardless of reviews based simply off the cover? Of course not. Doesnt matter how great the box is if the game sucks.

Buttons3787d ago

I remember High Voltage. I live quite close to their studio in the Schaumburg/Chicago suburbs area.

swiftshot933787d ago

For a FPS, Resistance: Fall of Man is still the best IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.