New Microsoft Zune Coming This Year

Brian Seitz, a Zune team member wrote on Twitter - 'new zune hardware this year'. Microsoft has quietly watched Apple's iTunes and App Store business grow over a period of time and it's obvious that they are busy planning something on a similar line. Not to forget the recent rumors about Zune software integration in Windows Mobile 7 had cropped up on the web.

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artsaber3787d ago

The Zune bombed horribly, which is unfortunate. It really was great hardware, despite the ironic fact that the software inerface is GARBAGE!!! The original Zune required registry hacks in Windows in order to make it user friendly and independent of the software packaged with it that nearly crippled the good device itself.

Lets hope Zune2 has hardware that is just as reliable and software better than Vista's quality to go with it.

Elven63787d ago

Bomb? I doubt that, it sold over 2 million units and in its first year on retail already took market share away from companies like Toshiba and Samsung IIRC.

Not to mention the music service even made Apple look back, most notably the Zune Pass that lets you keep your music if you subscribe.

Sure it didn't live up to the hype, but I wouldn't say it failed by any means.

JOLLY13787d ago

I was just looking at buying a 120 blue Zune. I already have an 80, but why not have 2? I love that little device. I really want to see what the team can come up with.

STK0263787d ago

The Zune, hardware wise, compares favorably against the iPod classic, it's main rival. The Zune software, again compares favorably in my opinion compared to iTunes. The one place where the Zune fails, and when I say fail, I truly mean it, is that in Canada, you can't get a zune pass (last time I checked on my zune account, I couldn'T atleast). In Canada, the Zune is just another MP3 player, with no store associated with it, you can't buy the games, no acccess to the market place, the option to buy music you ear on the FM radio isnt available. It just sucks to ba a Canadian and have a Zune.

hitthegspot3787d ago

I don't have a Zune, but I am beginning to consider it. I like the portability of the iPod, but I hate Itunes with a passion. The software is the worst. They are constantly adding updates that mess up my MP3s that I refuse to convert over. It's frustrating.

cryymoar3787d ago

i own an iRiver and I LOVE IT more than any ipod or zune.

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chasegamez23787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

zune sucks

@Kareem i had the first ones the big one

Salvadore3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Although Microsoft isn't going to beat Apple, I do think Zune is an awesome mp3 player and a great alternative to the Ipods.

Edit: How about the 2nd generation, they are an overall huge improvement?

hagggs5tow3787d ago

well i think it will sell decent but it will not have any affect on apple's share of the market.Apple has the market like kleenex has tissues.

Zeus Lee3787d ago

Definitely not a bomb,at the rate its going,it'll only take it about a hundred or so years to catch up to the iPod Shuffle in sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.