Halo: 670 million games and counting! has relaunched boasting an all new look and feel as the countdown to Halo 3's release continues.

And in addition to the unrivalled stat tracking services that are already a mainstay on Bungie's official site, the eventual drop of Halo 3 later this year will also trigger extensive support to the title in ways we have yet to see...

And speaking specifically about Halo 3, he continues, "The best example of preparing for Halo 3 is the merging of the My Profile and My Stats pages. As much as possible, we've tried to eliminate the multiple identities players have had between their persona and their Xbox Live persona. Take everything about Halo 2 in the Profile section, and expand it… plus a few things that you really won't expect. We intend to completely raise the bar over what we did with Halo 2."

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