Loot Ninja Review: Let's Golf

Loot Ninja writes:

"There have been a couple golf games on the iPhone which utilize the accelerometer for your swing just because they can. As such, many of them aren't great games. Let's Golf!, from Gameloft, eschews the gimmicks and gives you familiar controls along with solid graphics to provide a solid golf title for your iPhone."

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drunkpandas3791d ago

Definitely one of the best golf games on the iPhone.

dubbalubagis3791d ago

It's a bit pricey for an App Store game, but it actually seems worth it. I would like to see more games at this price with quality content and controls instead of the crapware $.99 games we see so often.

PS360WII3791d ago


There are a lot of golf games but none are like this one or as good :) It's Hot Shots for the iPhone plus it's developed by Gameloft who are the guru's of the mobile platform.. at least on the iPhone. They already have a solid line up of iPhone games.

greyishfox3791d ago

It looks very good, very pretty, but won't bring me to buy an ipod touch though.