World of Warcraft: GameSpy's Guide to What's Fun in 3.1

Has your guild conquered Naxxramas more times than you can count? Have you made Patchwerk your bitch in two minutes or less? Are your bank alts fully decked out in the spoils you've stripped from Kel'Thuzad's cold, dead, corpse? Are you so bored with Malygos that you've been able to take him down while watching "Lost?" Are Sartharion and his three drakes going down easier than Hogger on a lonely night? Tired of your guildmates raiding naked? It's time to break out the epics and stop fiddling with your fishing poles because WoW just got serious.

It's time for a real challenge and Blizzard is bringing it very soon with patch 3.1, featuring the Ulduar raid instance. It's a whole new collection of boss fights, scalable for 10- and 25- person raids, in normal and hard modes. Best of all? Well obviously it's the all-new loot, including the Tier 8 class sets. Shiny.

When your friends and guildmates finish downloading the World of Warcraft 3.1 patch, make sure to cross these must-do activities off your list as you get the full Ulduar experience. This is GameSpy's Guide to What's Fun in Three Point One. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Then brag about the loot.

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