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Mandaspt3791d ago

Yep for now only for these two platforms.

Ghoul3790d ago

it's made on the same engine as conan Hyborian adventures.
So it would be likely that the current work on porting conan to the 360 directly invluences the plattform choices for this project.

StephanieBBB3790d ago

But as mentioned in the interview about this game, I can't understand how a MMO without classes would work...

panasonic233791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

wow hot babe with powers nice.

diefor3791d ago

Great trailer. Good CGI.

NarFan3790d ago

lol the xbox 360 age of conan is not done and now they want to make this one.
and this game dont look like a MMO

NarFan3790d ago

just watched the interview
he say its not age of conan team, that a good sign cus AoC is not really a good MMO and the 360 version still not out

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The story is too old to be commented.