Iraq 'game-amentary' under fire from UK anti-war coalition

Konami's "Six Days In Fallujah" branded sick by anti-war group...

Konami's 'Six Days In Fallujah' comes under fire from anti-war campaigners in the UK...

Japanese videogame giant Konami has controversially announced a new game based on the recent conflict in Iraq called Six Days In Fallujah.

Six Days In Fallujah is being developed by Atomic Games in collaboration with "three dozen" of the soldiers present at the infamous battle in the Iraqi city. The game is apparently based on those soldier's personal accounts of the battle, along with videos from the frontline.

Peter Tamte of developers Atomic Games, seemingly aware of the ethical issues thrown up by re-creating a very recent battle as a form of interactive entertainment, has said of the title:

"For us, the challenge was how do you present the horrors of war in a game that is also entertaining, but also gives people insight into a historical situation in a way that only a video game can provide?"

Stop The War Coalition spokesperson Tansy E Hoskins told TechRadar: "The massacre carried out by American and British forces in Fallujah in 2004 is amongst the worst of the war crimes carried out in an illegal and immoral war...To make a game out of a war crime and to capitalise on the death and injury of thousands is sick."

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jkhan3790d ago

That was quick. If i am not wrong, they haven't even released any footage yet. Konami had it coming.

zoydwheeler3790d ago

But be largely ignored/criticised in the UK and mainland Europe - it is a cultural thing.

They love the war in America.

We Brits and our peacenik-loving cheese-eating-surrender-monkey friends across the English channel don't.

Ho hum!

jkhan3790d ago

Nobody loves war dude, nobody loves real war, not even real soldiers. Cashing on such a sensitive topic is actually very sick. I don't know what's up with Japanese devs. First RE5 racism issues and now this.

zoydwheeler3790d ago

Apologies if my last comment was a little insensitive, but I do think that Fallujah means something in the US, whereas outside of the US (in the UK, particularly) it doesn't resonate.

AntoineDcoolette3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I'm an American. I know some idiot teenagers who want to join the military so they can be snipers and kill people with seemingly no knowledge of the possibility they'll be shipped over to Iran and die in an IED incident. (Yes I meant to say Iran instead of Iraq) They say they would kill people if they could get away with it. They say it with the straightest faces and the most serious tones of voice ever. They're also 360 fanboys and say FPS is the best genre.

No I am not kidding. This is not a flame on the 360 or FPS games. I know very idiotic Americans particularly ones from the ghetto.

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Alcohog3790d ago

What exactly happened there to warrant calling it "among the worst war crimes"? I'm familiar with the city and that it was thick with insurgents, but what went down that was so controversial?

Phantom_T3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Give it sixty or so years.

Edit - imagine how this is going to look running on the PS12, I'm betting it has better frame rate than the Xbox7200.
Although the Xbots will try and argue sales, etc. etc.
/Sarcasm off.