DSi sales hampered by lack of software

Consumer demand for the new Nintendo DSi is being hampered by a lack of unique software for the handheld, according Don McCabe, managing director of the UK independent retailer Chips.

Speaking to, McCabe explained that the retailer sold out of DSi stock, mostly through pre-orders, however, free units were more difficult to sell than expected.

"We did get a couple of cancellations where people moved from deal to deal," he said, adding: "There's a few [retailers] that obviously didn't sell everything that they needed to and so consequently started doing a few deals, which was a bit irksome."

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mint royale3791d ago

First of all the DSi had an amazing opening few days especially seeing as in my opinion it is overpriced.

A lack of software? The DS has one of the biggest and most diverse software lineup of any console ever. Either I have really misunderstood this article or it is based on irrelevant evidence.

SpoonyRedMage3791d ago

Perhaps they have the crazy idea that's it isn't a update of the existing model or perhaps they mean the fact it only has a music player, camera, editors and the stuff from the DSiware right now.

PS360WII3791d ago

Well see if it sold 100k vs 93k it would have been better ;) but seeing that some of the stock was still around after 2 days well we can only assume that sales are dwindling lol

rambi803791d ago

i think he means that there are few games that will take advantage of the new features added & hence why pay extra for it?

TheCompetition2323791d ago

Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters=trash only kiddy game worth playing is mario
God of War: Chains of Olympus=only game worth getting on psp
Wipeout series=trash
Resistance Retribution=trash
Killzone Liberation=super duper trash
Metal Gear Portable Ops=Meh...
Socom series=trash
Ridge Racer (DS has a crappy version)=trash
GTA series (is the same as the PS2 but on the go=nice)=Boring
The PSN store creams the crap out of Nintendo store.= PSN=trash

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ceedubya93791d ago

if you already have one. It has some nice features, but it is really expensive and doesn't do much outside of the older DS Lite. It might be really hard to tell the difference to most regular consumers.

bym051d3791d ago

And that may be it more than anything. Everyone and his brother has a DS. I've not figured out a reason to upgrade. I have a Blackberry that'll do better pictures, internet, movies, and music (and phone!oneone). Why do I need a new DS?

no-spin3791d ago

and i see no reason to buy an overpriced DSi because it has the crappy cameras, music, and a nintendo store to keep ripping off the gamer.
No buy, PSP 3000 is a lot better deal for the price

bob saget remix3791d ago

The DS doesn't have nearly the same amount of features as the psp.

PS360WII3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

While the PSP has no where near the game library of must own titles. So there you have it. Do you want a handheld unit that has all the features of a phone minus the calls with some games or a handheld gaming console with 3rd party support of the PS2 and SNES nature?

not to start a war but come on. Both handhelds have there place in the sun.

SpoonyRedMage3791d ago

And comparing the DSi's and PSP multimedia functions there's very little that either do that the other can't.

Anyway, they're just hating on the DS because they're butthurt over the fact it's dominating.

no-spin3791d ago

Games on PSP that owns any DS "games"

Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Wipeout series
Resistance Retribution
Killzone Liberation
Metal Gear Portable Ops
Socom series
Ridge Racer (DS has a crappy version)
GTA series (is the same as the PS2 but on the go=nice)
The PSN store creams the crap out of Nintendo store.

DS library is full of gimmicks like cooking this, petting that, but the really good games are few and far in between (just like the PSP, but PSP has more hardcore focus titles). In terms of good gaming the DS does not have a big advantage over the PSP (except for moms and kids)

PS360WII3791d ago


there you go some education for you but something tells me if Cooking Mama was a Sony IP you would consider it the greatest achievement in gaming history...

mint royale3791d ago

Haha that list proves nothing as it is all completely subjective.

Look I can do the same thing!

Games on DS that owns any PSP "games":

GTA Chinatown Wars
Chrono Trigger (oh yes!)
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Advance Wars
The World Ends With You
Super Mario Bros
Mario Kart DS -huge fun
Elite Beat Agents -quality
Professor Layton
Dragon Quest
etc etc etc

Oh yes your right the DS has absolutely no games that appeal non mothers and old people.

Does the PSP still have games coming out for it? As far as I was aware the system had been largely abandond whilst the DS library swamped that of the PSP on its way to forming a PS2 like mix of quality and quantity of games.

-That above assumption is just as ridiculous as yours. Haha!

Pennywise3791d ago

oooo Here come the nintendo guys with their pitch forks and torches!!! You guys did it now.

Quick, throw cooking momma on a DS and you might be able to escape them!

SpoonyRedMage3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Ooo here come the Sony fanboys.

Lets write Sony on a rock and sell it for $20, they'll all buy it!

I'm sick of all the trolling from you guys, yes we get it, you like the PSP, you like the PS3 but why do you have to keep going to everyone else's sections and insulting everything else?(not that fanboys from the other sides don't do it though)

@V: Sorry about that but it's getting annoying and it's in nearly every article and it's usually the same guys like bob saget remix.

PS360WII3791d ago

whoa now. we were talking about gaming preferences lets not throw out labels on people please :(

Pennywise3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Spoony I am just going off of you other post of your opinion of the hand held pecking order from the other thread. Oh wait, that is acceptable because you wrote it, right? Wrong. Get a grip... not everyone likes Sony, Not everyone likes MS, not everyone likes Nintendo.

I guess I can say the same about the rock a nintendo name and you buying it... but that wouldnt be original or funny.

Spoony, Ive been saying it all along that nintendo fans get the craziest over their games/consoles. Any time I have said a word about nin, I get called names and cursed out.

I grew up playing nintendo consoles.... I have nothing against Nintendo. Maybe I have just outgrown them a bit.

@below - haha... nintendogs and cooking momma are just easy targets which have sold too many copies. Which basically sums up the demographic for the DS. My 5 yr old niece wanted a DS. My 10 yr old nephew wanted a PSP.

PS360WII3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

oh sure we all get easily drawn into a good old fashion DS and PSP battle royal ^^

The one that gets me peeved is the Nintendogs and Cooking Mama are the only games on DS. It's like saying WTF and Loco Roco are the only games on the PSP. Good thing MS only has the Zune ;) I'd hate to see the kind of craziness that'd bring

edit: penny I think he just gets his influence from you rather than the games ;)

SpoonyRedMage3791d ago

The point is though Pennywise I haven't been going to the PSP section and insulting it, it's a great handheld, I still plan to get one for the FFs, KHs and stuff(especially if/when lbp PSP gets released).

And actually I dont' mind criticising Nintendo, I criticise them all the time. A stronger camera would have been ideal for the DSi as it's rather pathetic(looks alright on the DSi but nowhere else).

It's not just you either, a few of people in these comments are here for no other purpose than to complain and insult.

mint royale3791d ago

I don't know why many feel the need to come onto other sections and talk crap about other consoles and then claim 'but but they did it first!'

There are many reasonable and good sony fans out there and this isn't directed at them but especially on this site it is ridiculous. If Pennywise wants to complain about a set of fans dealing with any criticism with a mob of pitchforks then you gotta look at the Sony fans before anyone else. The weid thing is they don't seem to see it! Oh well.

Pennywise3791d ago

I crack jokes... thats what I do. My jokes will not make everyone happy. Good thing I am not here to make everyone happy.

Sorry for offending your DS. It is a good handheld. I am not going to deny that. Just busting your chops. Loosen up.

PS360WII3791d ago

yo PSP is sooo fat.... lol

Pennywise3791d ago

Dont be talkin bout my PSP!

bym051d3791d ago

I have both systems and love both of them. Each one excels in different areas.

Classic RPG (FF and Chrono Trigger)
Professor Layton

Tactics Games (FFT, Jeane D'Arc, Prinny)
New RPGs (Crisis Core)
Classic RPG (Star Oceans)

no-spin3791d ago

I still see it as a gimmick after having a DS lite and not knowing what to do with it. I wont convince this cooking mama lovers, but is worth noting that the quality of the DS games is mostly meh.

@mint royal

I Did Not say the DS has no games, My point is the quality games available. PSP quality games are unmatched by the DS. To each his own.

mint royale3791d ago

Again thats subjective so your fact is in fact an opinion. There you go. What is your obseession with cooking mama? I think you secretly love it haha! Think of the actual good games about the DS then you'll see its not crap. I don't judge the PSP on 'Winx Club: Join the club!' so why do you seem so intent on doing so for the DS!

truehunter3791d ago

Im glad to stay with DSlite. If im gonna cought up 170 USD I rather go buy me another PSP. I've got 1 PSP & DS. Both are great but PSP seems more open an better gameplay in alot of ways that developer can work on.

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Spike473791d ago

The PSP GTAs are simply better, GOD Of War COO is amazing, and Resistance Retribution seems good.
I'd take that over nintendogs any day.

PS360WII3791d ago

Yes because Ninja Gaiden, GTA, The World Ends With You, Contra 4, etc don't count while Nintendogs and Cooking Mama are the "only" DS games worth mentioning...

Yes the PSP has some good games but yeah look further into the DS library and you'll see what I'm talking about

no-spin3791d ago

someone is getting anal about defending the super duper better than religion Nintendo DS lite and DSi

PS360WII3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

and someone is getting all uppity over there PSP. I'm saying both handhelds offer something in the handheld gaming world, but if you want the majority of upcoming games you go no further than the DS

Ushiro for the PSP looks amazing as does An Another World for the DS. Both made by Level 5 and both set for different consoles. Oh wow how about that you mean someone can enjoy two different handhelds 0.o

bob saget remix3791d ago

Handhelds stink. They get old very quickly. I think I might of used my PSP maybe 3 times since I bought it. I would rather just use my laptop and play crysis on the go. I generally use my PSP for music nothing more. Handhelds just have mediocre small games that no one cares about.

wii ftw3791d ago

than on handheld gaming in general.

And to answer your question - I care!

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