Warhammer Europe: No Plans To Close More Servers

In response to last week's news that Mythic has offered Warhammer Online players free character transfers from the Ostermark server, IncGamers contacted the company to find out if more server closures were on the horizon.

During March, Mythic announced the closure of around 60 WAR servers in total across Europe and the United States. Recent news of another free transfer becoming available has led to rumours of more closures but, according to a statement given to IncGamers by WAR's European publisher, Europe can rest assured that the servers this side of the pond are safe for the time being.

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Maticus3790d ago

I think Ostermark is as good as dead tbh.

Leord3790d ago

That word means "the east lands" in Swedish btw =)

And yeah, I know it's an area in the game. I even played the boardgame.

Fyzzu3790d ago

As I keep saying, it's not necessarily a bad sign - it's just that initial player numbers almost always outstrip the number who will become the constant playerbase, so scaling back and consolidating servers isn't anything that should be seen as TOO apocalyptic a prospect.

Maticus3790d ago

No, the game certainly isn't closing down or anything. It's doing well by all accounts, but it begs the question: Why did they get that many servers in the first place?

Mythic grossly over-estimated their number of subscribers IMO.

Vecta3790d ago

Probably because of the huge influx of WoW kids(as in their first MMO was WoW) who blindly bought the game when it came out and didnt subscribe after the first month.

Leord3790d ago

Oh, that's good news. I was afraid of the future of WAR...

Malfurion3790d ago

Yeah according to the warhammer forums most of the people on Ost have left.

I can't see mythic keeping it open with only a handful of active players.

Maticus3790d ago

I'm sure the server populations will even out eventually.

I know I'll get hate for this because it's 'cool' to hate WoW, but I'd like to point out that WoW, almost 5 years old, is still adding servers :)

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